About Warriors

Warriors is a documentary following a group of young Maasai who, in a remote region of Kenya, have remarkably formed a cricket team. They relate the sport to their traditional hunting techniques – the ball is the spear, the bat is the shield – and their flowing red robes in full flight are an awesome sight. The film follows the team as they pursue their dream of reaching England, the home of cricket, and test themselves in the amateur Last Man Stands World Championship. 

But there is a darker heart to the story. The Maasai are male dominated, women have few rights – even to their own bodies – and girls as young as six have suffered Female Genital Mutilation and early marriages. Traditional practices such as these have also contributed to the spread of HIV/Aids, and now many believe the future of the Maasai is under serious threat. The Warriors cricket team are using their new-found unity on the field as an inspiration to those off it, attempting to educate and give young people a sense of belonging, support, and hope.

However, they face resistance from the elders of their community – well-respected and wise men who hold all Maasai traditional practices dear and carry great influence. They fear losing any of their traditions will herald the end of the Maasai. Can cricket really bring change to the region?

Directed by Barney Douglas

Produced by Barney Douglas & Michael Elson

Director of Photography Ben Wilkins

Edited by Julian Rodd

Assistant Producer Kat Ward-Lewis

Music by Ali Gavan & Barney Douglas

Executive Producer James Anderson

Executive Producers Esther Randall, John Boughtwood, Jamie Carmichael & John Douglas


UNITED NATIONS & HeForShe SCREENING – Cinema Galeries, Brussels

Wednesday 13th July, 7pm. Featuring Q&A with Director

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09/06 – UNITED NATIONS SCREENING, Curzon Bloomsbury, London

Thursday 9th June, 6.30pm

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20/03 – Whirled Cinema, London, UK

Sunday 20th March, 6pm

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18/03 – Whirled Cinema, London, UK

Friday 18th March, 8.30pm

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17/03 – Whirled Cinema, London, UK

Thursday 17th March, 8.30pm

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16/03 – Whirled Cinema, London, UK

Wednesday 16th March, 8.30pm

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24/02 – Warehouse Cinema, Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal, UK

Wednesday 24th February, 8.00pm

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20/02 – City Screen Cinema, York, UK

Saturday 20th February, 12pm (book before 14th Feb)

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16/02 – Warehouse Cinema, Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal, UK

Tuesday 16th February, 8.00pm

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08/02 – The Cameo, Edinburgh, UK

Monday 8th February, 9.30pm (book by 31st January)

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27/01 – Wyeside Arts Centre, Market Theatre, Cinema UK

Tuesday 27th January at 6pm

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25/01 Cinema City, Norwich, UK – SOLD OUT

Monday 25th January at 6pm

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25, 26, 27/01 – Theatr Mwldan, Cardigan, Wales, UK

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23/01 – Bernie Grant Arts Cinema, London, UK

Saturday 23rd January, 4.00pm

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22/01 – Bernie Grant Arts Cinema, London, UK

Friday 22nd January, 7.30pm

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19/01 Theatr Mwldan, Cardigan, Wales, UK

Tuesday 19th January at 3pm

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15, 16, 17/01 – Wyeside Arts Centre, Market Theatre, Wales, UK

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15/01 Theatr Mwldan, Cardigan, Wales, UK

Friday 15th January at 4.10pm

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12/01 January – Regent Street Cinema, London, UK

Tuesday 12th January at 6.30pm

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11/01 Cameo Cinema, Edinburgh, UK – SOLD OUT

11/01 Cameo Cinema, Edinburgh, UK

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07/01 – Bernie Grant Centre Cinema, London, UK

Thursday 7th January, 7.30pm

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06/01 Batstone Rooftop Cinema, Cape Town, South Africa

Wednesday 6th January, 8.30pm

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29, 30, 31st/12 Showroom, Sheffield UK

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20/12 – HOME, Manchester, UK

Sunday 20th December at 3.50pm

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11/12 Arthouse Cinema, Crouch End, London UK

Friday 11th December at 8.30pm plus Director Q&A

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11/12 Bernie Grant Arts Centre, Tottenham Green, London UK

Friday 11th December at 7.30pm

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7/12 Phoenix Picturehouse, Oxford, UK – SOLD OUT

Monday 7th December at 9pm

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1/12 Glasgow Film Theatre, UK

Tuesday 1st December at 1.20pm

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30/11 Glasgow Film Theatre, UK

Monday 30th November at 1.50pm & 8.30pm

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29/11 Glasgow Film Theatre, UK

Sunday 29th November at 5.20pm

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28/11 Brighton Dukes at Komedia, UK

Saturday 28th November at 1.30pm

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25/11 Bristol Watershed Cinema, UK – SOLD OUT

Wednesday 25th November

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25/11 Greenwich Picturehouse, London, UK – SOLD OUT

Wednesday 25th November

24/11 London Regent Street Cinema, UK – SOLD OUT

Tuesday 24th November

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23/11 Nottingham Broadway Cinema, UK – SOLD OUT

Monday 23rd November with Q&A

22/11 Brighton Dukes at Komedia, UK – SOLD OUT

Sunday 22nd November

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21/11 Birmingham Electric Cinema, UK – SOLD OUT

Saturday 21st November with Q&A

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13/11 London Picturehouse Central, UK – SOLD OUT

OFFICIAL UK PREMIERE with Q&A + Special Guests Friday 13th November

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11/11 Leeds International Film Festival, UK

UK FESTIVAL PREMIERE Wednesday 11th November, 8.30pm, Vue in The Light Cinema, Leeds – with Q&A

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31/10 Out of Africa Film Festival, Nairobi, Kenya

KENYAN PREMIERE Saturday 31st October, 10am at Louis Leakey Auditorium, Nairobi.

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27/9 Hollywood Film Festival, ArcLight Cinema, LA, United States

Second screening Saturday 27th September 2015, 7.15pm

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23/9 Hollywood Film Festival, ArcLight Cinema, LA, United States

WORLD PREMIERE Wednesday 23rd September 2015, 6.30pm

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Full screening schedule announced shortly. For UK & Eire bookings, please contact bill@vervepics.com or colin@vervepics.com Want to organise your own cinema screening of Warriors in your town? Go to Ourscreen now!
45% of any profit from ‘Warriors’ is going back to a trust in the Maasai community, which will be used to create an education centre for young people in the region, where they will learn about their health, their rights, and cricket! As part of this, we are starting the #WakeTheLion campaign, encouraging people from all over the globe to share their stories of how sport has changed their life, bound a community together, or even given them renewed confidence. There will be more extensive details shortly about how you can get involved.

For all press queries & interviews please contact alex.rowley@ar-pr.co.uk


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“Beautifully directed…a joyful expression of the humanity of cricket.” The Telegraph


BBC News – Warriors Gala Premiere

Joe Wilson of the BBC reports from the Gala Premiere of Warriors at the Soho Curzon cinema in London. The screening coincided with the Ashes cricket series in England, and was an opportunity for partners and supporters of the film to see their contributions on the big screen. Watch the video via the BBC here.

Warriors – behind the scenes

Have a watch of part one of our behind the scenes videos, featuring some fun moments during the filming of Warriors.

James Anderson talks ‘Warriors’

James Anderson is England cricket’s most successful bowler of all time, and Executive Producer Warriors. Here he chats about what made him get involved with the film.

Arise News

Warriors star Sonyanga Ole Ngais and director Barney Douglas chat live in the studio about the UK cinema release.

Talksport Radio – Warriors director Barney Douglas chats to the Paul Hawksbee & Andy Jacobs (14.30-15.00 slot) – July 2015

BBC World Radio – Maasai Cricket captain Sonyanga Ole Ngais talks about the social messages in Warriors (16.45 slot) – July 2015

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Sky Sports News – Video report on the Maasai Cricket Warriors in the UK – August 2103

BBC Test Match Special – Jonathan Agnew interviews James Anderson & Barney Douglas about Warriors – December 2012

The Times UK – ‘James Anderson film link helping Aids awareness’  – December 12th 2012

The Independent UK – ‘Maasai Warriors on the front foot’ – December 2012

ESPNCricinfo – ‘Anderson-cum-Spielberg aims to help Warriors’ – November 2012


The Warriors original score was recorded mainly at Transmission Studios, Brighton, by Ali Gavan and Barney Douglas. Touch-points included the widescreen scope of Ennio Morricone’s spaghetti western soundtracks, funky Kenyan psych records and traditional african percussion. Lots of room mics were used to give that feeling of space between the instruments, as well as that ‘in the room’ feel of 60s beat recordings. The tribal drums were recorded in a church in Lewes, giving a huge natural reverb and feeling of space. Percussion involved traditional african drums, bottle tops and even a bicycle chain, along with natural sounds recorded in Kenya, layers of traffic noise, and atmospheres. Very little mixing was done to the final recordings, ensuring an earthy, real and immediate feel to the tracks.

Ali Gavan Drums, Bass, Guitars, Backing vocals

Barney Douglas Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals

Bess Atwell Vocals on ‘Butterfly King’, ‘Any God’, ‘Lightning Over Me’

Milo Mckinnon Trumpet

Luke Cello All words & music written by Ali Gavan & Barney Douglas Published by Chester Music Ltd


The Honours Board

​Sam Mendes, Melanie Jones, Susan Price, Christopher Burnett, Nicholas Sadleir, Paula Ferrari, Franka Cvetko, S Rowe, P M Fisk, William Quayle, Simon Cowper, Emily Crick, Margaret Wicksteed, James Dillon, Jamie Kellock, David Baldwin, Paul James, Joseph Wilson, Alan Hollis, J.A. Gorman, Matthias Assunção, Tom Goettl, Sally Ross, Jannie Theron, Shirley Riley, Gareth Copley, Elizabeth Phillips, John McDougall, Duncan McFarlane, Andrew Ward, Robin East, William Hews, Grahame Wood, Norman Jones, Eric Burton, Simon Chuter, Mark Perry, Brett McKay, Lauren Maddalena, Andrew Ager, Andrew Moss, Stu Forster, Charlie Wood, Sam Collins, Clare Skinner, Benjamin Langley, Katherine Tancred, Paraga Memusi, Jessica Dawn Winnicki, Daniel Gibbons, Neil Innes, Jill Maxwell, Anthony Brennan, George Dobell, Alexandra Gillett, Sara Spearman, Maureen Wilkins, Annie Scott, Duncan Jackson, Matthew Wilkins, Harry Birmingham, Julian Fox, James Worley, Minal Fulzele, Christopher Pickett, Gareth Whittington-Jones, Terrence J Burke, Margie Cannon, Gareth Storey, Ken Stafford, Lucinda K Feaver, Simon Bray, Julie Balla, Tom Dawson, Jon Armitage, Jillian Church, Sarah Church, Timothy Church, Rory Dollard, Mr Nick C Church, Saidimu Ngais, Helen Skiffington, Jez Bevin, Simon Roberts, Phillip Walker, Chris Teasdale, Andrew Reynolds, Mark Chitty, Nigel Nunn, Jonathan Holmes, Andrew McGlashan, Andrew Miller, Catriona Miller, Matt Shelbourne, Samantha Davies​, John & Jacquie Douglas, Len Meredith​, Norman Jones, in loving memory of Sue Jones​, Penny Maritti​, James Watson​, Paul King​, Mike Atherton​, Gaia Bursell​, Luke Sutton​, Peter ‘Reggie’ Hayter​, Stephen Brenkley​, Tom Shaw​, Jamie Hunt​, Dirk Swillens, Amardeep Singh, Kirilly J Herath, Leah Passler, Katrina O’Dea, Francesca Watson, Christine Dubois, Ellian Hindle, Alan Curr, Rebeca Gonzalez, Chris Holland, Geoff Kaile, Sara Torvalds, Ian Garrett, Donald Chapman, Matthew Nash, Richard Williams, Mark Hiley, David Sketchley, James Cannon, Charlie Connelly, Catherine Fry, Brian Scholtz, Claire Bell, John Rudge, Shaun Ellingham, Max Lovell, David Atkinson, Alexander Walker, Philip England, Jane Hannah, Stuart Henshaw, Owen Kilgour, Andrew Beaven, Rhian Evans, Jonathan Agnew, Adam Mountford, Lawrence Booth, Dominic Beer, Martin Vance, Roger Wightman, Stephen Thomas, Jamie Watt, Greg Barrett, Lisa Rogerson, Fiona Hedgcock, Emma Dooley, Kate Green, Albert Mathenge, Ben Rogerson, Andrew Gitau, Erin Marks, Adam Leventhal, Aliya Bauer, Ben Wilkins, Kat Dawson, Gitau Paul​, James Anderson, Andy Hobbs​, Ed Williams​, Helen Gathogo, Geoff Freer. ​ And of course all the Warriors cricket team, the village, and their families.